We have presence where trendsetters hang out. Our members produce rockin’ content. We provide the means for meaningful monetization. This ain’t backfill. We are our members’ primary ad fulfillment source, which lets our publishers of artistic, bookish and pop-culture awesomeness create more rather than manage ad delivery.

And, natch, you get the same targeting, optimization, and reporting options you expect with other, well, unfair networks, with a higher likelihood of your ads hitting the individuals who set trends. How do we do this: we focus on niche publishers on the small-ish side who together form an attractive cooperative with a highly engaged audience.

In addition, we operate two properties that are content leaders in their niche:

Book Riot – Always books. Never boring.

Book Riot Comics – Read comics, be happy.

So what are you waiting for, email us at advertising (at) riotnewmedia (dot) com